Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Are there employment or sub-contracting opportunities on the project?
There are no current employment opportunities.
The contract was signed on 30th April 2014 – what has been happening since?
DirectRoute have been busy since the contract signing advancing the detail design of the project and consulting with statutory and other relevant bodies. Seasonal and ecological factors have also been taken into account in the timing of the commencement of works. There are many restrictions on when certain activities can take place, for example hedgerows and trees should not be removed during bird nesting seasons. Some ecological works which were necessary prior to fully starting on site have been completed. Additional ground investigation surveys that were necessary to aid the development of the design have also been completed. Works have commenced on site in January 2015 with site clearance and fencing. Affected parties were previously notified directly of the works commencement.
How can I find out when and where works are planned to take place?
DirectRoute will publish a newsletter every three months approximately that will contain a look forward of the main works planned in the following period. DirectRoute will also endeavour to post updates on this website as and when such are available.
How long will construction works last for?
The physical construction works will take approximately three years to complete. It is planned to have the new road open to traffic in early 2018.
Will there be any phased opening of the new route?
It is not planned to have a phased opening. It is planned to open the full scheme in its entirety from Gort to North of Tuam in early 2018. Works on regional and local roads traversing the mainline will in general be open to traffic once they are complete.
Will there be tolls on the new road?
The Project is procured via a Public Private Partnership (PPP) model. DirectRoute is paid in full by the State by way of availability payments, i.e. contractual payments for providing the road and making it available for use to a high standard.
How will the construction works affect users of the local road network?
The route of the new road runs largely through greenfield areas. The main interface with current road networks will therefore be at crossovers along the route. Interference with and disruption to traffic will be carefully managed to ensure that any disruption is minimised as far as is practicable. DirectRoute’s aim is to further minimise disruption by limiting as far as practicible the use of existing roads by construction traffic as well as limiting the number and duration of any lane or temporary road closures. Routes and accesses to the Project site are agreed in advance consultation with Galway County Council. They will be clearly marked by advance signage and strictly controlled.
Where can I view the EIS developed for the Project?
Environmental Impact Statements and related planning documentation for the N17/18 Project may be found on the Galway County Council website - See the About Us page on this website.
Are there employment or sub-contracting opportunities on the Project?
For opportunities of employment, supply of goods and services or sub-contracting please refer to the websites of John Sisk & Son (Holdings) Ltd, Lagan Construction Group and Roadbridge for details on contact details in this respect - See the employments page on this website

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