Motorway Opening 2 months ahead of schedule!

DirectRoute (Tuam) Ltd are delighted to announce the opening of the M17 M18 Gort to Tuam Motorway two months ahead of schedule on 27th September 2017.

The formal road opening ceremony will be performed by the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport Shane Ross TD and will take place on the morning of the 27th. The full length of the motorway will open to traffic later that day.

The N17 Tuam bypass will also open fully to traffic on the 27th September.

Winter Maintenance Policy Statement 2017/18

DirectRoute (Tuam) Ltd is responsible for Winter Maintenance activities on the M17/M18 Gort to Tuam PPP Scheme including both precautionary and reactive salt treatments of the Project Road.

The Project Road is of motorway standard and commences at the northern end of the M18 Crusheen to Gort scheme, finishing at the Kilmore Rounabout at Tuam, a distance of 52.3km.

The Project Road includes grade separated junctions and slip roads at;

  • Kiltiernan Interchange - connecting to the existing N18;
  • Rathmorrissy - connecting to the M6 Dublin-Galway motorway;
  • Annagh Hill - connecting to the N63; and
  • Kilmore (at grade junction) - connecting to the N17.

It is DirectRoute's policy that safe passage along the Project Road is not endangered by snow or ice and to keep to a minimun delays caused by adverse weather, so far as is reasonably practical. Road salt treatments in conjunction with snow ploughing, where necessary, will be used to meet these criteria. To this end DirectRoute will be carefully monitoring the road and weather conditions from 1st October to 15th May each year to ensure that suitable precautionary treatments are applied to the Project Road and that prompt response is made to any deterioration of weather conditions or forecast. A Winter Maintenence Management Plan for each year sets out the arrangements for all aspects of winter maintenance.

For further information regarding M17/M18 Gort to Tuam winter maintenance operations, please contact DirectRoute (Tuam) Ltd at the following address:

DirectRoute (Tuam) Ltd
Furzypark Maintenance Depot
Co. Galway
Tel: 091-845541


DirectRoute really appreciate the ongoing co-operation being shown by our neighbours and the general public in helping to ensure that the project is constructed as safely as possible for everyone.

As the works progress, we are starting to see people using the new motorway as a walking route. There are many hazards still remaining on these nearly completed sections of motorway. With work incomplete, this means that these areas are still not safe and we would ask that you continue to stay away from the construction site. Our mobile security patrols will continue to patrol the site out of hours and they will ask all unauthorised persons to leave the site. Particularly we are asking parents and guardians to help ensure their children understand the importance of this and comply with it.

We would ask that you continue to exercise extreme caution when travelling on the public road and where it inerfaces with any roadworks. We ask all walkers and cyclists to use high visibility clothing as "to be seen is to be safe" at these construction site interfaces.









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